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MAN Orotine 272caps

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MAN Sports

33,90 €

They said it couldn´t be done, however the inventive mindsat MAN Sports™ believe that with imagination and knowledge greatness is realized. With the perfected infusion of knowledge and imagination, some of the greatest performance enhancing supplement of all time, just got better. That´s right, The King Of Creatines™ has arrived.

Introducing Orotine

Orotine™ contains the patented CreaTate™ Tricreatine Orotate (creatine + orotic acid) complex; an exclusive Creatine and Orotic Acid infusion. Remember Orotic Acid!

A genuine revolutionary breakthrough, creatine has been scientifically surmised effective in maintaining ATP levels and increasing recovery during and following high intensity exercise.* It is also a surmised cell-volumizer, what is unknown to many of creatine is that it functions similar in fashion to carnosine in that it helps with the maintenance of cellular pH.* Maintaining proper cell pH enhances performance!* More evidence suggests creatine can reduce muscle damage from endurance exercise making it a great supplement for endurance and power athletes alike.*

Enter Orotic Acid!

Orotic Acid (OA) is a precursor of pyrimidine and nucleic acids which are vital for optimal cell functioning and energy metabolism.* OA enhances and maintains ATP pools in three ways:


  1. The production of ribose moieties (R-1-P and R-5-P) for the salvage or de novo synthesis of purine nucleotides by a process know as "ribose transfer".* Many of you may remember ribose (a sugar component of ATP) supplementation being touted as an enhancer of high intensity repetitive exercise performance.* For a quick recap on the energy producing pathways of ribose seen.


    The way OA enhances the formation of ATP is by providing the direct precursor to phosphoribosylpyrophosphate (PRPP) a key energy-supplying compound in the de-novo synthesis of purine and pyrimidine nucleotides (I know that´s a real mouthful). The reserve of PRPP is poor because of the low capacity of the pentose phosphate pathway. Therefore the generation of ribose-5-phosphate (R-5-P) the immediate precursor to PRPP ribose supply can be enhanced with OA and as a result greater ATP regeneration.*


  2. The second pathway is by increasing the pool of Uridine Monophosphate (UMP), which requires ATP to convert to further downstream pyrimidine nucleotides (UTP & CTP). By increasing the levels of these nucleotides the draw on ATP reserves to synthesize them is decreased thereby enhancing the availability of ATP for other metabolic process such as energy and contractile producing pathways.


  3. The final pathway is by means of elevation of intracellular glycogen stores. These elevated glycogen stores generated from a greater uptake of glucose lead to an enhanced capacity for ATP resynthesis from anaerobic glycolysis.*

    What this means is more energy for hard working muscles.* Evidence also suggests OA can be used to synthesize carnosine (the ultimate buffering nutrient) by elevating its natural precursor "beta-alanine". This is illustrated in the chart below:


H SPORTWS MAN δημιουργησε μια κρεατίνη που αποτελεί  κορυφαίο συμπλήρωμα λόγω της απόδοσης που προκαλεί.

Η ΟROTINE περιέχει το πατενταρισμένο creatate tricreatine orotate ( κρεατίνη +οροτικό οξύ

Το οροτικό οξύ είναι ζωτικής σημασίας για την βέλτιστη λειτουργία των κυττάρων και τον μεταβολισμό ενέργειας.

    -Ενισχύει και διατηρεί τα επίπεδα ΑΤΡ (τριφωσφορικη αδενοσίνη) που είναι οι <βιολογικές > μας μπαταρίες οι οποίες διατηρούν την ενέργεια μέχρι να απαιτηθεί αυτή σε διαφορες βιολογικές διεργασιες όπως είναι π.χ η συστολή των μυων.

   -Αυξάνει την υπερτροφία των μυών και αυξάνει την ικανότητα των συσταλτικων μυών

  -Καταπολεμά την μυική κόπωση

  Δίνει ενέργεια, δύναμη και ανάκαμψη

  -Ενισχύει τις συγκεντρώσεις καρνοσίνησ στους μυς


Δόση: 2 Κάψουλες ημέρησιως σε απόσταση 4 τουλάχιστον ωρών




Το MuscleBody ενημερώνει ότι τα προϊόντα μας είναι 100% γνήσια εισαγωγής από τις αντιπροσωπίες.
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